In Southeast Asia, the Miller® Deltaweld® 402, Deltaweld® 602 and Deltaweld® 852 are popular MIG welding machines that are known for their outstanding reliability and superior arc welding performance. The Deltaweld® series is used in many heavy industrial applications such as heavy equipment manufacturing, truck and trailer manufacturing, and pressure vessel fabrication, just to name a few.

With advancements in technology and the need to meet the expectations of new welders and businesses, Miller Electric Mfg. LLC is launching a new Deltaweld® series to replace the legacy Deltaweld® 402/602/852.

The New Deltaweld® Welding Machines

The new Deltaweld® series comes in two models: Deltaweld® 350 and Deltaweld® 500. The welding machines operate on 380/400VAC, 50/60Hz, 3-phase input power, which is common in Southeast Asia.

  • The Deltaweld® 350 has a rated output of 350A at 60% duty cycle.
  • On the other hand, the Deltaweld® 500 has a rated output of 500A at 100% duty cycle. The Deltaweld® 500 also has a dedicated constant-current gouge mode.

Because the new Deltaweld® 350 and Deltaweld® 500 are designed based on the latest inverter technology from Miller®, metal fabricators will experience exceptional arc welding performance and significant power savings as compared to the legacy Deltaweld® 402/602/852.

The New Intellx™ Wire Feeders

Accompanying the latest Deltaweld® 350 and Deltaweld® 500 are three newly-designed wire feeders: Intellx™, Intellx™ Pro and Intellx™ Elite. These wire feeders will connect to the Deltaweld® via ArcConnect™, a next generation communication from Miller®. ArcConnect™ utilizes high speed signals to improve weld performance and allow point-of-use controls to be located at the feeder’s interface. This means that welders no longer need to walk back to the welding machine to make parameter or process changes.

  • The Intellx wire feeder offers basic MIG welding and Arc Control. Arc Control allows welders to finetune the welding arc so they can produce better welds.
  • The Intellx™ Pro wire feeder adds EZ-Set and Accu-Pulse®. EZ-Set lets welders quickly get into a good starting parameter by showing them what material thickness they should be welding on. This reduces welder training time and gets them into production quicker. The Accu-Pulse® technology is a pulsed MIG process developed by Miller®. When compared to traditional MIG welding, the Accu-Pulse® process delivers a more forgiving arc with a 28% wider operating window. Consequently, even inexperienced welders can produce better welds with less rework and spatter in production. The Intellx™ Pro also has two memory slots and inbuilt steel and stainless-steel welding programs.
  • Lastly, the Intellx™ Elite wire feeder introduces eight memory slots and advanced settings such as Locks & Limits and Weld Sequencing. There are also more inbuilt welding programs within the Intellx™ Elite, notably for aluminium and nickel. In order to make it easy for welders to quickly setup and operate this fully-featured wire feeder during production, the Intellx™ Elite is equipped with a full-colour LCD screen.

Make Your Move

To ensure that your manufacturing operations remain competitive, and that you are able to hire and retain new welders, Make Your Move to the new Deltaweld® system today! To have a further discussion or to arrange for a demo, reach out to us at


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