When it comes to tube and pipe welding, finding the right orbital welding power source is essential for efficiency and quality. Orbitalum’s range of orbital welding power sources caters to diverse needs. Let's explore which power source suits your requirements best:

1. Mobile Welder Orbital Welding Machine:

  • Ideal for construction site installations or those new to orbital welding.
  • Portable (15 kg) and user-friendly, featuring basic orbital welding functions when paired with an open, gas-cooled orbital weld head.
  • Allows for manual TIG welding and tacking in addition to orbital welding.
  • Upgradeable options for liquid-cooled weld heads and advanced software functions.
  • Suitable for industries such as food, dairy, and breweries.

2. Mobile Welder OC Plus Orbital Welding Machine:

  • Compact design (21 kg) comprising the Mobile Welder and Orbicool MW liquid cooling unit.
  • Versatile for both fixed workstation prefabrication and onsite installation work.
  • Features advanced software functions for data logging and weld gas management.
  • Compatible with most Orbitalum weld heads and features manual TIG welding mode.
  • Ideal for process plant construction in semiconductor, food, and pharmaceutical industries.

3. Orbimat Smart Welder Orbital Welding Machine:

  • Designed for high-volume production with emphasis on speed and documentation.
  • Intuitive operation via a large 12.4” colour touch display and multifunctional rotary dial.
  • LAN connectivity facilitates centralized welding data retrieval, storage, and analysis.
  • Perfect for stationary prefabrication work across various industries, including aerospace, semiconductor, pharmaceuticals, and heat exchanger fabrication.

Each orbital welding power source offers unique features tailored to specific needs, ensuring optimal welding results, efficiency, and quality management. For more information on our range of orbital welding power sources, feel free to contact us at sherwyn.tan@orbitalum.com

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